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Print-On-Demand (POD) is a service Playlab offers to help cater to customers who would prefer/need to have a hardcopy of a digital script. In conjunction with a Photocopy Licence, Playlab can provide hardcopies to suit a variety of situations including rehearsals and study, or for libraries to have on their shelves.

What is A Print - On - Demand Copy?
A POD copy is not the same as a standard hardcopy script offered by Playlab, but a thermal fastback binding copy as depicted in these pictures:

POD Internals example

POD Covers


How Can I Purchase A Print - On - Demand Copy?

Print-On-Demand Order Form

POD copies are charged at a additional flat rate of $9 each on top of the digital price of the text (discluding sale prices). This includes postage.

If you still have any confusions regarding our Print-On-Demand service please feel free to contact us at:
Ph: (07) 3220 2763

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