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rgb windintheunderground_playlab cover_21mar19

The Wind in the Underground by Sam O'Sullivan

Sam O'Sullivan

When the youngest brother returns from overseas, four siblings come together to decide the fate of the house they grew up in.

$ 9.95
the village cover

The Village by Multiple Playwrights

Multiple playwrights

Experience the compelling real stories of ordinary people who have found themselves in extraordinary situations.

$ 23.95
mutantman_playlab cover_15feb19

The Mutant Man by Christopher Bryant

Christopher Bryant

Harry Crawford (otherwise known as Eugenia Falleni) stands trial for the death of his wife.

$ 9.95

The Longest Minute by Robert Kronk and Nadine McDonald-Dowd

Robert Kronk

One football club, one family, and one unforgettable NRL grand final.

$ 23.95
stillpointturning_priscilla jackman

Still Point Turning: The Catherine McGregor Story by Priscilla Jackman

Priscilla Jackman

“And I arrived at the same point every trans person does. If I am to live on, it would be as the person I felt myself to be, or I...

$ 23.95
odetoman_playlab cover_13mar19

Ode to Man by Emma Mary Hall

Emma Mary Hall

A lyrical and confronting exploration the state of modern man and romantic ambition in a world where women dare dream to have it...

$ 9.95
nineteen_playlab cover_15feb19

Nineteen by Shane Pike

Shane Pike

From beers and brotherhood to loss and loneliness, this endearing story uncovers the hidden side of finding yourself in a world...

$ 9.95
medea_front cover

Medea by Suzie Miller

Suzie Miller

Nothing is off limits. No one is safe. Not even the children.

$ 23.95
rgb_medea_playlab cover4_13mar196

Medea by Kate Mulvany and Anne-Louise Sarks

Multiple playwrights

Two young children play games to distract themselves whilst their parents have a very famous showdown.

$ 14.00
cover rgb

Lysa and the Freeborn Dames by Claire Christian

Claire Christian

Lysa King is nineteen and angry. After spending a year away from her small town, Lysa has returned to discover that revolution...

$ 14.00
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