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Alpha Processing is focussed on the early stages of developing a new work: from idea to first draft or a first to second draft. The program is designed to provide assistance in the interrogation of the central idea of a work, while exploring an appropriate form and structure through which to express it.

Over the course of a year each participant will receive detailed face-to-face dramaturgy, professional guidance and access to Playlab’s resources. As a key part of the process, a public reading of the developing work will be presented, allowing a period of reflection and redrafting before the completion of a new or first draft of the work. 

In late 2020, the Alpha Processing participants’ scripts will be presented as part of a week-long event that showcases developing works across all Playlab’s programs.

Alpha Processing is open to Queensland-based playwrights. Regional playwrights are encouraged to apply as development can be carried out remotely and Playlab will arrange travel to Brisbane for the reading phase of the process. Each participating playwright will receive a stipend.dots seperator for website 20

Applications for Alpha Processing will open from Tue, 20 Aug to Tue 3 Sep. (closing at 5:00pm)

To apply please send the following to

• A complete early draft of an unproduced work or a one-page synopsis and a 15 page excerpt from an existing work.

• A short marketing synopsis or blurb about the work (150 words).

• A short biography, reviews of previous work and headshot.

• A one-page document talking about the work’s rationale, currency, and audience.


Each application will be assessed according to the quality of the craft displayed, the currency of the ideas explored, the potential audience of the work, the previous work of the playwright and their contribution to the diversity of Queensland theatre.


To learn how to format your script application click HERE.

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