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Summer Wonderland (2017 Edition Digital Download)

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sub1 CHARACTER AGES: 17 - 50

THEMES: Christmas, Multiculturalism, Family, Competitiveness

LENGTH: 2 Hours
Cast Size
CAST SIZE: 5 - 6 Cast Members
Target Audience
   PLAYWRIGHT: Matthew Ryan
$ 14.00
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Welcome to Dickens Court, where a Christmas lights competition has the neighbourhood at war! Old-fashioned battler Bob has just lost his job, his neighbour Eugene is in serious debt after the arrival of his mail-order bride, and the snobs across the road are desperate to buy a beachfront apartment. When they discover the grand prize in the Christmas Lights competition could solve their money problems, it means war!

A hilarious Christmas comedy about fake snow, fairy lights, and the great Australian Dream.

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"Suffice it to say it's a fine comedy with a truly Aussie flavor and one that will hopefully prove to be yet another hit." - ABC Brisbane 

"Summer Wonderland... is a true blue parody of life's trials and tribulations faced by an eccentric group of neighbours in suburban Australia. This intensely funny play is set in a quiet cul-de-sac which provides the setting for all happenings of the characters for the duration of the play." - Australian Stage

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Summer Wonderland began its life back in 2006. After a meeting at La Boite Theatre Company, I was trying to come up with an idea that would meet their request — “Bring new audiences to La Boite.” 

It was a trip out to see the annual Christmas lights that gave me the answer. Street after street of houses, covered in lights and decorations, celebrating a time of year when we let magic take over for a while. But there was something else. Owners would sit in chairs on their driveway, or cook sausage sizzles on their lawn. They would watch the smiling crowds walk by, looking for a response to their creation. Here, deep in the suburbs, an artistic exchange was taking place. Here the very idea of home was art. 

The La Boite production was a huge success, extending its season to meet demand. But it was what happened afterward that surprised me the most. Requests started coming in from community theatres across Australia and New Zealand to perform the play. A play that spoke to their own sense of place. Their own experiences. Their own homes. 

Summer Wonderland has changed a lot over the years. Like a person, a play gathers a better sense of itself over time. I’ve made cuts and strengthened journeys. But always in the spirit of the original idea — that no matter who we are or where we’re from, we’re all in some way going home. 

- Matthew Ryan 

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Summer Wonderland was first produced by La Boite Theatre Company on 9 October 2007. 

ISBN 9781921390029

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