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Empire Burning by Eugene Gilfedder

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THEMES: Terrorism, Politics


LENGTH: 1.5 Hours
Cast Size
CAST SIZE: 7 - 8 Cast Members
Playlab Indie
Target Audience
   PLAYWRIGHT: Eugene Gilfedder
$ 9.95
Name: Empire Burning
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(Empire Burning was co-presented with Metro Arts as part of the Independents season in the Sue Benner Theatre, Brisbane, May 2011.)

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The fires of Rome and the characters surrounding Nero are warped and twisted out of their time and into ours. Disaster strikes this modern Empire when figures begin to appear from out of nowhere, bursting into flames and setting the city ablaze. One of these strangers survives; they have him imprisoned. 

Empire Burning melds history and science-fiction with an evocative, poetic language to throw Western anxieties of the Other into sharp relief.

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“Shakespearean in its universality, it would work equally well worldwide. It should become a study text for students. Theatre directors and teachers, take note!” — Jay McKee, Stage Whispers

"Eugene Gilfedder unleashes a searing script of myth and madness, trauma and terrorism with Empire Burning.  Melding history and science-fiction with an evocative, poetic language, Empire Burning throws Western anxieties of the Other into sharp relief." - 
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"This is a beautiful production for any lover of words. It is rich, multi-layered, and beautifully considered in its sub-plots concerning the influence of Rome’s scheming political life on the construction of the Emperor Nero versus his own rigidly defined up-bringing." - Arts Hub

ISBN:978 1 921390 59 3

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