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All the Rage by John AD Fraser

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THEMES: Sex, Honour, Cruelty


LENGTH: 1.5 Hours
Cast Size
CAST SIZE: 3 - 4 Cast Members
Playlab Indie
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   PLAYWRIGHT: John AD Fraser
$ 9.95
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(All the Rage premiered at the Old Fitzroy Theatre in Sydney, ran June/July 2012, produced by Tamarama Rock Surfers and directed by Leland Kean.)

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It’s London 2012, and the greatest show on earth is about to commence. On the surface, it’s peace and love and plastic lanyards. But deep beneath the stadium, a terrible beauty stirs. The boys are going back to war. 

For former commander Skin-the-Goat, laying down of arms has brought the trappings of power but drained him of respect. So he puts the band back together for one more operation. As well as bringing the peace prize he feels he deserves, he’ll impress the ambitious journalist Nina, who he hopes will break more than just the story of his last-minute intervention. 

Coercing the young and Viet Cong-obsessed Boyler into action, Skin-the-Goat hauls his best but traitorous bomber The Baker back and prepares the scene to send the Olympics off with the ultimate bang. 

As long as he keeps the plan on track, he’ll keep the peace, the prize, the girl, and a neat revenge on the quisling who forced him to stop the war in the first place. 

But playing with embers is dangerous. War, like love, is easier to start than to stop. And just like the Olympics, not everyone is ready to play by the rules. 

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"All the Rage is a blistering comedy that does what many larger plays on larger stages cannot: it shocks and delights almost in the same breath." — Cassie Tongue, AussieTheatre 

"The writing in this play is tight, witty and stuffed with lots of amusing, banal cultural references of our consumer society. It is stripped to the bare bones of narrative physical threat and tensions and has a clear and entertaining trajectory. It bears all the inspiration and hallmarks of a text by Martin McDonagh, (or, Quentin Tarantino): comic eccentricities in the midst of horrible, bloody violence and dopey characters being primed by fanatics." - Kevin Jackson

 ISBN: 978 1 925338 13 3

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