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Promoting quality work from the independent sector

Playlab Indie, is a digital collection designed to bring together under one banner, new work that has debuted in the independent theatre sector creating, over time, a go-to collection of quality, edgy work.

Playlab Indie will also be utilised on occasion to publish a script alongside the premiere production in order to promote the work and more importantly the playwright. It allows artists/producers who hear about a show or read a review, but are not in the same location, to download a copy of the script.

Ultimately the collection is about increasing exposure for the playwright and their work.

We intend over the coming years to continuously add to the collection, so if you are interested in submitting a script for consideration then please get in contact with us. If you want Playlab to consider publication alongside a production, please be in contact at least six months before the season commences.

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