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Incubator seeks to identify, support and develop emerging Queensland playwrights by creating a unified and nurturing environment in which to complete the first draft of a new play.

Across nine months of 2017, award-winning playwright Richard Jordan will lead participants through a range of activities designed to cultivate their own unique voice – and inspire a play they never thought they would write. Each workshop will revolve around a different “access point” to beginning a new work such as: Memory, Emotion, and Landscape, while various aspects of craft will be explored. At the end of the workshop series, each participant will hand in the first draft of a full-length play, and receive one-on-one feedback. At least one Incubator play is guaranteed entry into the 2018 Alpha Processing program. 

Incubator is open to South-East Queensland playwrights eighteen years and over, in the first three years of their practice, who have written at least one play (short or long form). The program will run fortnightly on Wednesday evenings, from 6:30pm – 9:00pm, at Playlab’s Rehearsal Room. An introductory session will take place one week before the first workshop.

Application requirements:

Interested playwrights should email the following:

  • A copy of what you consider to be your “best” play to date (may be short or long form). Only scripts written for the stage will be considered.
  • A one page CV, detailing your writing experience, education, and achievements. This can include other writing forms (poetry, prose, film scripts, etc).
  • 300 words articulating why you want to take the course, and what you love about writing for the theatre

Applications for 2017 are now CLOSED.

To learn how to format your script application click HERE.


A $100 administration fee is payable upon acceptance.
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