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Script Assesments

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Script assessments are an affordable tool to gain insight and perspective on your developing work. Playlab offers assessments in three forms:

Snapshot Assessment

These are a short form of written assessment designed to be a quick response to your work. A dramaturg will provide a written response, articulating questions you will need to address in coming drafts. It is a great starting point for feedback on early drafts of a new idea. We recommend undertaking a Snapshot Assessment before investing in our more in-depth assessments to ensure you gain some objectivity on your work. Submitted scripts are usually turned around in a week and tend to be approximately three pages long.

Cost: $125.00 (please note that if the work is of considerable length, additional costs may be incurred)

Full Assessment  

A Full Assessment is an in-depth dramaturgical response to your work, providing you with either a detailed written assessment or an over-the-phone conversation. While we recommend undertaking a Snapshot Assessment prior to this, it is not a prerequisite. However, you may request a Full Assessment if you are interested in fast tracking the development of your work. A response to a submitted work will take between one and two weeks. Written responses tend to be three to five pages long (depending on the needs of the project) or a one-hour phone discussion (time can be extended but additional costs will be incurred).

Cost: $250.00 (please note that if the work is of considerable length, additional costs may be incurred)


Process Assessment 

If you have a workshop, development, or reading of your work scheduled, an initial assessment and ongoing dramaturgical guidance will help you make the most of your investment. The structure of this service is flexible and is responsive to the needs of your project, the type of development you're undertaking, and the style and form you are working in. Get in touch early so we are able to recommend a course of action to support your project. 

Cost: Determined via quote. Contact Playlab for more information. 

To enquire about a script assessment, email with a full copy of your script and we'll guide you from there.

Writers Room

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The Writers’ Room is a small bookable space that provides a computer, and privacy so that playwrights can finish that synopsis/treatment/draft free from distraction. We can even turn off the internet and confiscate your phone if that’s what you need.

Users are also welcome to drop by the Playlab office located next door, grab a cup of tea and chat to our staff about their concept. We love to hear about what new work is being developed.

Access to the room is payable via gold coin donation at the door, with all proceeds going towards our Playwright-In-Residence development program. Please note that this is a small room suitable for meetings of 1 – 4 persons.

To apply for use of the Writers Room email the following: 

  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • Date and time of required use
  • A brief outline of the company and/or project
  • Number and name of the artists needing access


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