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Alpha Processing
is focussed on the early stages of developing a new work: from idea to first draft or a first to second draft. As an evolution of Playlab’s highly successful Lab Rats program, Alpha Processing will be focussed on interrogating and exploring the central idea of a work, while finding an appropriate form and structure through which to express it.

Across the six months of Alpha Processing, each participant will receive detailed face-to-face dramaturgy, professional guidance, and access to Playlab’s resources. As a key part of the process, a public reading of the developing work will be presented, allowing a period of reflection and redrafting before the completion of a new or first draft of the work.

Alpha Processing is open to Queensland based playwrights with a history of produced work. Regional playwrights are encouraged to apply as development can be carried out remotely and Playlab will arrange travel to Brisbane for the reading phase of the process. In 2017, three playwright’s work will be developed, with one of the positions allocated to a participant of the 2016 Incubator program.  Each participating playwright will receive a stipend.

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headshot 2 2Book Club 

By Claire Christian

Synopsis: Jacob wants good grades. Albert wants to be taken seriously. Denzel wants to make a difference. Fetu wants to be a champion. Rangi wants a second chance. Luis wants to be like the other boys. And they all want to get laid. Welcome to Book Club. 

Once a month, the boys meet at Book Club to study, help (and roast) one another. They’ve known each other for what feels like forever, and apart from the usual Grade Twelve stress, family and relationships, things seem pretty good. But, when Rangi returns to the club differences surface and the world both inside and outside Book Club begin to unravel. All too soon, the boys will graduate into a world that doesn’t see them the same way they see themselves. A world they are hopelessly unprepared for. Can the books they read tell them what they need to guide them through this uncertain future? And if they can, will the boys be even listening?

Book Club is as inspirational as it is hilarious and unflinchingly honest. It will lay bare a crucible on which contemporary Australian masculinity is forged, while redefining adolescence, brotherhood and family.


Screen Shot 2017 06 22 at 12.26.26 pmDry – Working Title

By Katy Cotter

Synopsis: Lara’s Sunday has been non-stop panic. After waking up to discover that her partner, John, and his young daughter, Veronica, are nowhere to be found, Lara has spent the day calling a phone that is constantly unavailable, checking with friends if they have seen them and bracing herself for the worst because their relationship and John’s PTSD have been in flux lately.

When the usual time to drop Veronica off to her mother, John’s ex-wife and Lara’s ex-best friend, Kathleen, comes and goes, Kathleen turns up demanding her child. This forces Lara to confront uncomfortable truths about John’s unreliable, unfaithful, and unstable past turning her manhunt into an all out war against a woman she thought she knew, and the man she thought she loved.

With a touch of venom and twist of humour, Dry deconstructs modern relationships, the cost of the help we give to others, and the help we need to give ourselves.


Bryan Probets headshot 2Fractured Minds (and Ballet Tights) – Working Title

By Bryan Probets

Synopsis: In an act of delayed defiance and retribution, Bryan, a middle aged cleaner with fading aspirations to be an actor, breaks into a primary school classroom in the middle of the night. Not just any classroom but that of his grade seven teacher, Mr Bradford. THE Mr Bradford who once gave him six percent on a maths exam and proceeded to shame him with a clip around the ears in front of his classmates. THE Mr Bradford who called him spaghetti legs relentlessly because he did ballet. THE Mr Bradford who was totally unsympathetic towards his family’s troubles! Now it is his turn to make Mr Bradford realise the pain he caused him.  

The chairs and desks, the paintings on the wall, school projects etc. conjure memories from his childhood: the teachers who were actually nice, the bullies who called him “poofta”, his neighbours who were all a little strange, the Footes who looked after him when his family couldn’t and the kisses Julie would give him before Ballet that confounded him.

When Bryan finds a letter that is neither from or to him in the small backpack that he is carrying, his memories are challenged and he must renegotiate his past before his future runs out. Fractured Minds (and Ballet Tights) is a bittersweet misadventure that challenges the notion “Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man”.

Learn More Bryan 


Applications for 2018 are not yet open.

If you are interested in applying for our Alpha Processing program in 2018 check out the list below to start compiling all the relevant materials you will need to send through to us.

  • A complete early draft of an unproduced work or a one-page synopsis and a 15 page excerpt from an existing work.
  • A short marketing synopsis or blurb about the work (150 words).
  • A short biography, reviews of previous work and headshot.
  • A one-page document talking about the work’s rationale, currency, and audience.

Each application will be assessed according to the quality of the craft displayed, the currency of the ideas explored, potential audience of the work, the previous work of the playwright and their contribution to the diversity of Queensland theatre.

To learn how to format your script application click HERE.


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